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Ref Title Author Publisher ISBN Location Catalogue Number Accession Number
BR1855 Special Notice to Drivers etc. - Derby psb resignalling BR(LMR)
BR1855G Home per Derby Local Studies Library A625 42889
BR2810 Special Notice to Drivers etc. - Trent psb resignalling BR(LMR)
BR2810G Derby Local Studies Library A625 42890
SA1949 Supplement No.5 to the Sectional Appendix to the Working Timetable (1949) - Midland Division BR(LMR)

Derby Local Studies Library A625 32209
LMS1937 General Appendix to the Working Timetable (1937)
Derby Local Studies Library A625 32224
Godfrey Map Godfrey's Railway Maps - Area 16 - 1969 Godrey, Alan

Derby Local Studies Library A625 29228
Cochran Railway Operating Problems in Derby District - Paper read at convention of Railway Student's Assoc. 23JUL56 Cochran, A.D. (Dist. Operating Supt, Derby)

Derby Local Studies Library A625 37143
MR gradients Diagram Sections (1874) Midland Railway

Derby Local Studies Library A625 18338
Buxton Buxton Centenary: The Approaches from Derby and Burton on Trent Baughan, Peter E

Derby Local Studies Library A625 30023 (Railway Magazine)
Camwell The Swadlincote, Woodville Loop Line Camwell, W.A.

Derby Local Studies Library A625 29721 (Railway World)
Casserley - Mid Midland Album (1967) Casserley, H.C.

Derby Local Studies Library A625 15652
NSR album North Staffordshire Album (1970) Dow, George Ian Allen
Derby Local Studies Library A625 18148
Ellis - Mid Midland Railway (1953) Ellis, C. Hamilton

Derby Local Studies Library A625 10256 (22308)
Gough Midland Railway - a Chronology Gough, John Railway & Canal Historical Society

Mid Derbys The Midland Railway in Derbyshire Hallett, E.S.

Derby Local Studies Library A625 28341 (Railway Magazine)
Foot & Sig Footplate & Signal Cabin (1956) Marlow, Norman

Derby Local Studies Library A625 15800
MR map 1 Map of the Midland Railway Midland Railway

Derby Local Studies Library A625 43916
MR map 2 Map of the Midland Railway (01AUG1849) Midland Railway

Derby Local Studies Library A625 21001
Plan: Loco Wks Plan of Locomotive Works, Passenger Station and Offices Midland Railway

Derby Local Studies Library A625 41693
MR Instr Book of Instructions to Stationmasters, Signalmen and Others (01SEP1917) Midland Railway

Derby Local Studies Library A625 21660
MR freight Material for lecture - Freight Working in the Derby area (1914) Midland Railway Freight Control

Derby Local Studies Library A625 40688
MoT Crich Railway Accident Report: Derailment of tanker train at Crich Junction (01JAN69) Ministry of Transport HMSO
Derby Local Studies Library SM625 20692
PRO map1 Midland Railway Distance Diagram - Sheet 13 (1918) Public Records Office

Derby Local Studies Library / Home A625 40819
PRO map2 Midland Railway Distance Diagram - Sheet 13B Trent area enlargement (1918) Public Record Office

Derby Local Studies Library / Home A625 40818
Quail4 British Rail Track Diagrams - LMR 4 Quail Map Company

Derby Local Studies Library / Home A625.14 38040
BoT The Railways in and around Burton on Trent H.N.Twells Challenger Publications 1 899624 28 7 Home

Frgt Ln The Friargate Line Mark Higginson Golden Pingle Publishing 9513834 0 X 8 Home

Bass Our Model Railway (1926) Bass, Ratcliffe & Gretton Bass Museum - Home

Peak The Peak Line C.Judge & J.R.Morten Oakwood Press 0 85361 456 2 Home

MMR The Melbourne Military Railway Alan Cooper, Peter Legott & Cyril Cooper Oakwood Press 0 85361 411 3 Home

Sutton Derbyshire Railways Clive Hardy Suttons Publishing 0 7509 1524 2 Home

Roundabout Railway Roundabout Rex Christiansen Ian Allen 0 7110 2456 1 Home

Directory Directory of British Signal Boxes John Hinson author - Home

Wirk Ln The Wirksworth Line Christopher Charlton Cromford Church Restoration Cttee - Home

TSB The Signal Box The Signalling Study Group OPC 0 86093 224 9 Home

Pic Srv Rly Sig Pictorial Survey of Railway Signalling D Allen & C J Woolstenholmes OPC 0 86093 453 5 Home

LMR Sig Pictorial Survey of London Midland Signalling D Allen & C J Woolstenholmes OPC 0 86093 523 X Home

MR1937 Sectional Appendix 1937
MR - Home

BoT chng Burton on Trent - The Years of Change 1962-1987 Burton Civic Society - - Home

Box Around the Wooden Box - Reminiscences in old photgraphs of Woodville, Swadlincote & Gresley P.M.White & J.W.Storer J.M.Pearson & Sons (Publishers) Ltd. 0 907864 17 1 BoT Library

BoT2 The History of Burton on Trent - Part II Denis Stuart Charter Trustees of BoT 1977 - BoT Library

Rly BoT Railways in Burton on Trent and the Trent Valley through 145 years H.N.Twells
0 948131 00 4 BoT Library / Home

BR NM Pic British Rail in the North Midlands and Peak District - a Pictorial Album A.R.Kaye Lowlander Publications 0 946930 00 7 Dy Loc Studies

TLH Through Limestone Hills Bill Hudson OPC 0 86093 217 6 Derby Local Studies Library

Wirk Br The Wirksworth Branch Howard Sprenger The Oakwood Press 0 85361 349 4 Home

LMS sig Pictorial Record of L.M.S. Signals & Signal Boxes L.G.Warburton OPC 902888 09 9 Derby Local Studies Library A625 21222
LB br Leicester & Burton Branch Railway H.N.Twells Trent Valley Publications 0 948131 04 7 Derby Local Studies Library / BoT / Home

SA1956 Supplement No.6 to the Sectional Appendix to the Working Timetables - Midland Division - Sep 1956 BR (LMR) -

Atlas Signalling Atlas and Signal Box directory Peter Kay author 1 899890 15 7 Home

Trade Board of Trade Returns re: Interlocking (1880)
SRS Research Note 19 Home

MR1877 MR Appendix 10 - 1877
MR 16AUG1877 PRO
RAIL 963/30
MR1888 MR Appendix 17 - 1888
MR 17DEC1888 PRO
RAIL 963/52
MR1911 MR Appendix 24 - 1911
RAIL 963/98
Open1951 Signalbox opening times 1951
Open1961 Signalbox opening times 1961
Open1923-47 Signalbox opening times 1923-47
Distance1925 Distance Diagrams 1925
RAIL421/99 - 117
Distance Distance Diagrams
RAIL491/778 - 784
MR wn MR Weekly Notices 1912-1919
RAIL491/793, 805-809
Distance Distance Diagrams
IOR1921 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1921

IOR1921 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1922

IOR1924 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1924

IOR1928 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1928

IOR1930 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1930

IOR1932 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1932

IOR1935 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1935

IOR1939 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1939

IOR1949 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1949

IOR1950 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1950

IOR1956 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1956

IOR1959 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1959

IOR1961 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1961

IOR1964 Inspecting Officer's Reports 1964

Richards Notebooks George Richards

DRO D4491
MK tt Matlock Bridge timetable 1889
DRO D1473B B264
Plan: Duff Plans of Duffield Station 1864 & 1895
DRO D1473 52-3
MR acnts Reports and Accounts 1860-70
DRO D161B 4/105-111
LNWR tel Telegraph rules 1906
DRO 855Z 1
P: Ambergate Photos of Ambergate 1911

DRO 2241Z Z1-2
DP130 Deposited Plan: Derby & Crewe Jnc (1845)

DRO Q/RP2 130
DP134 Deposited Plan: Codnor Pk - Ambergate (1845)
DRO Q/RP2 34
DP55 Deposited Plan: Burton - Ashby and Swad & Wooden Box branches (1845)
DRO Q/RP2 55 & 96
DP56 Deposited Plan: Alterations at Willington (1846)
DRO Q/RP2 56
DP21 Deposited Plan: Deviation at Willington (1847)
DRO Q/RP2 21
DP14 Deposited Plan: Willington - Derby extension (1851)
DRO Q/RP2 14
DP108 Deposited Plan: Ambergate - Codnor Pk, Derby - Spondon & Ripley - Butterley
DRO Q/RP2 108
DP136 Deposited Plan: Junction at Derby (1868)
DRO Q/RP2 136
DP168 Deposited Plan: Derbyshire Extension (1871)
DRO Q/RP2 168
DP171 Deposited Plan: Ripley branch extension, plus additional land at Matlock, Ambergate & Derby (1872)
DRO Q/RP2 171
DP176 Deposited Plan: Swadlincote & Woodville Jnc plus Buckland Hollow Branch (1874)
DRO Q/RP2 176
DP178 Deposited Plan: Pentrich Jnc to Ripley and Ch Gresley branch (1875)
DRO Q/RP2 178
DP180 Deposited Plan: Deviation at Swadlincote & Woodville (1877)
DRO Q/RP2 180
DP203 Deposited Plan: Extension at Heanor (1886)
DRO Q/RP2 203
DP222 Deposited Plan: Derby widening, Stenson & Melbourne Jnc widening (1890)
DRO Q/RP2 222
DP239 Deposited Plan: Additional land at Matlock Bridge (1894)
DRO Q/RP2 239
DP246 Deposited Plan: Additional land at Duffiled and Belper (1897)
DRO Q/RP2 246
DP315 Deposited Plan: Broadholme & Ambergate widening (1924)
DRO Q/RP2 315
DP320 Deposited Plan: Draycott & Borrowash widening (1930)
DRO Q/RP2 320
Swad Memories of the Swad Loop and Other Railways in the South Derbyshire area Peter Baumgartner author

P:Breadsall Photograph of Beadsall Station

Derby Local Studies Library Breadsall 55
P:Spondon Photographs of Spondon Station sb (1 ext, 1 int)

Derby Local Studies Library Spondon 83 & 84
P:Sawley Jnc Photograph of Sawley Jnc sb

Derby Local Studies Library Sawley 9
Pratt Midland Railway Memories Pratt; G.J.

Derby Local Studies Library ? 8273
Rogers A Signalman's Life Rogers; Tom Midland Railway Trust
Home SH625 "1 copy"
Moira Plan of proposed alterations to Railway crossing at Moira Colliery Moira Colliery

Derby Local Studies Library EJ622.33 48780
Knotty "The Knotty" an illustrated survey of NSR Jeuda; Basil

Derby Local Studies Library A625 47864
Collins Collins Railway and Telegraph map of Derbyshire Collins; H.G.

Derby Local Studies Library A912 47826
NSR chris The North Staffordshire Railway Christiansen & Miller

Derby Local Studies Library A625 18652/47088
MR corres Correspondence 1875-1923 (163 items) Midland Railway

Derby Local Studies Library Deposit DL231
MR track Three detailed plans of track layout Midland Railway

Derby Local Studies Library Deposit DL230
Mem NSR Memeroies of the North Staffordshire Railway Basil Jeuda Cheshire Libraries 0 904532 21 6 BoT Lib

LMS hist A History of the LMS O.S.Nock George Allen &Unwin 0 04 385087 1 BoT

Brew Brewery Railways Ian P peaty David & Charles 0 7153 8605 0 BoT

E Mid Br East Midlands Branch Line Album Anthony J Lambert Ian Allen 1978 0 7110 0828 0 BoT

LMS eng LMS Engine sheds (Vol2) Chris Hawkins & George Reeve Wild Swan Publications 0 906867 05 3 BoT

Gough The Midland Railway - a Chronology John Gough Railway &Canal Historical Society 0 901461 12 1 Birmingham Library 385.109424
Brewery Brewery Railways of Burton on Trent Cliff Shepherd Industrial Railway Society 0 901096 93 8 Home

MR Port Midland Railway Portrait Peter Truman & David Hunt Platform Five 0 906579 72 4 Home

NS1920 NSR Appendix to Working Timetable 01MAY20 NSR

Home (per Peter Kay)

MR1913 MR Appendix No. 25 July 1913 MR

Home (per Peter Kay)

PnP Past & Present 23: Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Chris Banks Past & Present 1-85895-051-1 Home

Hist An Illustrated History of Signalling Michael A. Vanns Ian Allen 1-7110-2551-7 Home

S&SB Signals & Signal-boxes of Great Britain David Hucknall Sutton Publishing 0-7509-1322-3 Home

NSR Port Portrait of the North Staffordshire Railway Rex Christiansen Ian Allen 0-7110-2546-0 Home

BT.12.3 Back Track Vol 12 No.3 (March 1998)


SD.FEB98 Steam Days magazine February 1998
Redgauntlet Publications

MR Arch A Pictorial Record of MR Architecture V.R.Anderson & G.K.Fox OPC 0 86093 320 2 Derby Local Studies Library A625 33632
Mid ML The Midland Main Line 1875 - 1922 E.G.Barnes George Allen & Unwin 04 385049 9 Derby Local Studies Library A625 17585/87
Steam Steam Around Derby R.J.Buckley Becknell Books 0 907087 23 X NRM / Home COA/428
MR1893 Midland Railway Weekly Notices 1893 MR


LMS Misc2 L.M.S. Miscellany Volume Two H.N.Twells OPC 0 86093 290 7 Home

BT 12.4 Back Track Vol 12 No.4 (April 1998) (Don Rowlands) Atlantic

MR pic Midland Railway - a Pictorial History JB Radford & SW Smith D. Bradford Barton Ltd 0 85153 337 X Home

Ripley Around Ripley in Old Photographs Julie Potton & Janet North Alan Sutton Publishing 0-7509-0938-2 Home

MRC Pic Midland Counties Railway - a Pictorial Survey Mark Higginson Midland Railway Trust 1 872194 00 1 Ripley Library

MRS Wirk Rip Wirkworth & Ripley Branches: Notes in connection with a tour of the area 09MAY98 Laurence Knighton Midland Railway Society

LMS Arch Pictorial Survey of LMS Architecture

86093083 1 Humm

Mid Mems Midland Line Memories Brian Radford Midas Books 0 85936 267 1 Humm

LMS Branch LMS Branch Lines L.J. Gammell OPC 0 86093 498 5 Burton Library

Rip&Cod Ripley & Codnor - The Archive Photo Series David Buxton The Chalford Publishing Co. Ltd. 0 7524 0042 8 Home

NUR1930 LMS Promotion Scheme - List of Staff National Union of Railwaymen DEC 1930
Derby Local Studies Library A625 39102
Dy Staff Staff records at Derby Station 1876 - 1911 Midland Railway -
PRO RAIL 491/1001
WTT(ER)49 Eastern Region, Nottingham Division WTT 1949 BE(E)

PRO RAIL 909/5
Scenes Railway Scenes from the Past: 7 The Railway from Buxton to Bakewell, Matlock & Ambergate JMBentley Foxline Publishing 32 Urwick Road, Romily, Stockport. 1 870119 06 1 Derby Local Studies Library

Forgot Forgotten Railways: The East Midlands P. Howard Anderson David & Charles 0 7153 6094 9 Home